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2011-02-16 04:29:00 by AfterEight

I make awesome stuff! Leave a comment.


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2011-02-17 11:39:15

you dont make awesome stuff at all. Every thing you have submitted is just wrong

AfterEight responds:

u have 0 submissions. Do u even know how to do flash?


2011-03-07 17:41:06

Ignore the other user your alarm clock is cool.

AfterEight responds:

thanks :)


2011-10-05 12:37:24

i'm proud to say no I don't, but then do you know how to castrate an animal? Or perform any type of surgery? nah didn't think so. My skills are better. And for the record you clearly can't do flash either coz your stuff is shocking

(Updated ) AfterEight responds:

You are clearly jealous and stupid. Nobody gives a crap about your vet career in newgrounds.